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EVA Companion

Revolutionizing case management

AI-powered EVA Chat streamlines eligibility verification with instantaneous self-service to caseworkers' queries right from their desktops. No more time-consuming research or waiting for assistance from colleagues.

AI-powered EVA Chat

The all-in-one
case manager companion


Simplified, immediate response to questions

EVA is a consistently available eligibility resource with a user-friendly interface for caseworkers across all experience levels.

EVA Chat -  Eligibility
EVA Chat - Translate


Real-time language translations

EVA seamlessly integrates with calls, offering two-way translation and breaking language barriers for smooth conversations.


Consistency, reliability, and efficiency

EVA is a powerful tool that performs eligibility checks, ensuring accuracy, compliance with regulations, and reduced assessment errors.

EVA Chat - Instructor
EVA Chat - Quality


Workforce proficiency

Utilizing agency materials, EVA provides guided training through an intuitive interface to improve caseworkers skills and confidence.

Solution Modules

Revolutionize your agency one conversation at a time

Book a complementary live demo with one of our solution consultants and discover firsthand how AI-powered EVA helps agencies streamline eligibility determination processes.

EVA Chat and EVA Phone Mockup
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