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EVA Phone

Empowering community self-service

AI-powered EVA Phone empowers self-service application processing by automating routine phone inquiries. No more waiting on overburdened staff.

AI-Powered EVA Chat
Boost efficiency by limiting time-consuming manual  processes
Minimize human error and improve compliance using predefined rules
Customer Service
Customer Service
Focus on high-value activities that improve customer interactions
Employee Morale
Employee Morale
Reduce burnout and utilize resources to their full potential
Data Analysis
Data Analysis
Ensure accurate data and pinpoint trends with predictive analytics
Continuous Availability
Continuous Availability
Run uninterrupted operations 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year

community self-service

EVA Phone empowers client self-service to eliminate phone tag and the need to visit a local office.

General information

Get information such as how to apply for benefits,  agency hours and directions, and more.

EVA Self-Service - General Information
EVA Self-Service - Language Translation

Language translation

Eliminate language barriers with real-time, two-way voice translation.

Mailer requests

Have application and recertification paperwork mailed to your home address.

EVA Self-Service - Mailer Requests
EVA Self-Service - Document Confirmation

Document confirmation

Find out if the agency staff have received documents you have dropped off or mailed in.

Case status

Check on the latest status of your application or recertification.

EVA Self-Service - Case Status
EVA Self-Service - Contact Changes

Contact changes

Notify the agency that you have moved or that your contact information has changed.

Case changes

Report any changes to your case such as employment status, income, or household.

Employee Morale
EVA Self-Service - Benefit Cards

Benefit cards

Report a benefit card has been lost or stolen or request a new benefit card.

Notices & decisions

Have a copy of a notice or decision on your case mailed to you.

EVA Self-Service -  Notices & Decisions

Revolutionize your agency one conversation at a time

Book a complimentary live demo with one of our solution consultants and discover firsthand how AI-powered EVA helps agencies streamline eligibility determination processes.

EVA Chat and EVA Phone Mockup
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