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TipCo Automated Services Is Heading to the APHSA National Human Services Summit Conference

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news—TipCo Automated Services is gearing up for the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) National Human Services Summit, and we want you to join us on this adventure! This year’s theme, “Shared Vision, Collective Impact: Shaping Our Future Together,” promises an enriching experience that aligns perfectly with our mission.

What Is the APHSA HHS Summit?

At the APHSA National Human Services Summit, learning, networking, and collaboration take center stage. APHSA’s vision is focused on moving human services upstream, advancing social and economic mobility, and strengthening the human services sector. In Arlington, learn about emerging national policy issues, innovative practices, and success stories from state and local jurisdictions. They’ll highlight the importance of individuals with lived experience, community-centered design, agile technology solutions, and strategies that prioritize equity and inclusivity. Your participation will contribute to shaping a brighter future together! See you in Arlington!

Why Attend the APHSA Summit?

Here’s why we’re eagerly anticipating our time in Arlington…

Moving Human Services Upstream

APHSA is at the forefront of discussions on how we can propel human services upstream, ensuring a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Advancing Social and Economic Mobility

The summit provides a unique platform to explore innovative practices and models that contribute to the advancement of social and economic mobility.

Strengthening the Human Services Sector

We’re excited to engage with like-minded individuals and organizations working toward strengthening the human services sector. It’s all about collaboration, learning, and shared success.

APHSA's Vision and Mission: A Perfect Match

As a bipartisan membership association, APHSA mirrors TipCo’s values of influencing modern approaches, building capacity for healthy communities, and connecting leaders to foster learning and generate practical solutions.

Vision: A nation of thriving communities built on human potential.

This vision resonates deeply with TipCo’s commitment to enhancing communication, accessibility, and workforce empowerment.

Mission: Influence, Build, Connect.

This mission aligns seamlessly with TipCo’s dedication to public service, the common good, and the belief that everyone can thrive when given the right tools and support.

What Is APHSA?

APHSA is your go-to partner for creating positive change in communities. As a bipartisan membership association, they collaborate with leaders from state, county, and city human services agencies to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities across the nation.

What sets APHSA apart is their commitment to pragmatic solutions rooted in lived experiences, always with a focus on equity and belonging. APHSA members are at the forefront of modernizing and aligning human services, covering everything from information technology systems and performance measurement to workforce development, training, and legal dimensions within the sector.

Join APHSA in their mission to build a better, more resilient future for all. With APHSA, positive change is not just a goal—it’s a shared commitment.

Join Us on This Journey

TipCo invites you to join us in Arlington, Virginia for a summit that promises to showcase innovative strategies, process innovations, and technology solutions. It’s a celebration of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the human services sector.

Let’s shape our future together. See you at the APHSA HHS Summit—where shared visions create collective impact!

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