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AI-powered virtual assistant for health and human services agencies

AI-powered virtual assistant for health and human services agencies
TipCo Mission Chalkboard

Were on a mission

At TipCo, were on a mission to tackle the critical staffing shortages facing health and human services (HHS) agencies nationwide. Focused on rapidly growing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicaid programs, our commitment is grounded in the belief that innovation and automation are catalysts for positive social change.  By addressing the root causes and empowering agencies to handle increasing workloads, we will ensure timely and comprehensive support to improve outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Our formula

We brought our AI-powered flagship products, EVA Phone, EVA Companion, and EVA R&R , to market as an innovative solution to address the critical challenges facing HHS agencies. With a deep understanding of the complex demands and evolving protocols within HHS, EVA seamlessly augments existing workforce capabilities and ensures adherence to SNAP and Medicaid program regulations.

TipCo Formula Chalboard

Discover how EVA streamlines eligibility determination

Watch this 1-minute video. and discover how EVA is revolutionizing eligibility determination for health & human services agencies one conversation at a time.

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